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Never take Propecia if you are sensitive to dutasteride or finasteride, as a sensitive reaction is possible with such symptoms showed as itching, rash, puffinessing of the lips and face, changes in the breasts, and hives.

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If a pregnant lady comes in to call with a crushed tablet of Propecia, she will require to wash the areas influenced with water and cleansing soap, finding the assistance of their medical professional.

A woman that is expecting or could get expecting in the closest future is not expected ahead into call with crushed tablets of Propecia - contact them, take in the powder etc, as the active component - finasteride - might effortlessly get absorbed via the skin then have an effect on the health of an unborn child.

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Although an overdose of Propecia is not anticipated to create any kind of health effects that are significant or deadly, such instances should be mentioned to your healthcare supplier.

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If Propecia did not function for you after one year - it is safe to think it's not visiting help you in the future.

Some individuals report abrupt weight gain when beginning to take Propecia.

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